Welcome to Europe’s biggest and most innovative Karaoke and entertainment Bar Green Mango!

Propably the largest Song selection You’ve ever seen – more than 150,000 songs – That will leave no song wish ungranted!

You don’t need to sing like a Pop star. All You have to do is enjoy singing! That’s what matters when singing Karaoke!

Berlin’s no. 1 for unforgettable Karaoke parties – Green mango!

Stand on stage once, dance and celebrate with other guests.

Alone or with your team – doesn’t matter – it’s just a lot of fun! And if You’re not sure yet, if you want to sing as well, join us and be part of the coolest crowd that’s ever cheered to other karaoke singers! Enjoy our delicious cocktails and taste our beautiful German and Thai dishes!

Of course You can also visit our brand new air conditioned Captain’s Lounge. Our DJ’s will be mixing the finest tunes especially for Your body to get into the groove! Sure enough You can, also book the whole lounge for private parties!

Everybody comes to our house, even Hollywood Stars like Bradley Cooper, Justin Bartha, Ed Helms, Ken Jeong and famous musicians, like Kenny Rogers, Ingrid Arthur (Weather Girls) or Adel Tawil, many football (soccer – for our US friends), like members of Hertha Berlin, Bayern Munich or Mainz 05, as well as hosts and politicians!

„The Stage is Yours“

We are very pleased to see “Zecke” and his “Herthanians” come to our place to get some motivation before games or celebrate their successes. But Green Mango has more to offer – a lot of room for Your parties and events and the already mentioned huge song selection!

And if You’d like to book an event with your company and more than 300 people, or consider our location perfect for your next video recording location, just ask!

It is important to mention, that Green Mango is completely barrier-free accessible! What matters most at our place: everybody, no matter their health state, should have the possibility to come and sing and celebrate with us!

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What is our philosophy?

Since we first opened our first and tiny Karaoke Bar in Neukölln, Green Mango has always been a secret recommendation for exceptional Karaoke nights and long-remebered parties!

People who enjoy staying at our place and celebrating with us, always tell their friends! That’s the whole secret and philosophy of Green Mango!

In order to please our regular guests with new things every time, we are always searching for new attractions, ideas, concepts and ways to achieve variety!

The location

Our current location offers a large stage for little and great singers, good sound and over 600m² of total location space enough room to sit, dance, enjoy cocktails food, and much more!

People who arrive early and/or book in advance, get the chance to sit at one of our most desired spots – the Stage couches! Join us and experience the most innovative and pleasant Karaoke club You’ve ever seen!

Your favourite Song, Your stage, Your big show!

Thanks to our recordsetting amount of 150,000 karaoke songs in over 24 languages, everybody will find something suitable!

To make Your performance something even more special, you can look forward to using our huge stage with integrated catwalk, LED spots, beautiful light shows, smoke and, of course, beautiful sound! You’ll feel like a big star on a live-concert!

That’s when You get the “Idol”-feeling! The “ultra-experience” rises, wenn other people join your performance and dance, the applause is not tameable and everybody screams “encore!”. Huge Screens and canvasses display all of our song lyrics in every corner of our Bar (including our smokers lounge) and bring the karaoke experience full circle!

No matter the occasion – bachelor’s party with full costumes singing “er gehört zu mir”, 40 women suddenly dancing to “Macarena” or 10 Birthdays singing “Westerland” at the same time – it’s YOUR Show! The only condition: have fun to sing! You don’t have to be a professional, not every note has to be placed perfectly, that’s normal! Every Party at Green Mango lives thanks to the variety of talents, soon-to-be and people who just enjoy themselves and the party!

Maybe even those, who just want to party, take the decision and the mic into their hands, and perform! It surely is an amazing experience for everybody.

For those of You, who want to check our song lists, just click here

You don’t have to be hungry or thirsty!

Two exotic bars in Caribbean-asian-themed style with separate beer and cocktail areas will catch Your eye!

The lovely design of our Bar and our family-like atmosphere evoke the feeling of vacation and provide everybody with good vibes and a perfect relaxed mood!
The cocktail and food menu is almost as versatile as our song selection and our bartenders, as our Thai Chef Thida, are always good for a surprise!

Our recommendation? The “Green Mango Pitcher”! Suited for 10-15 people!

Cought your attention? Take a look into our menu!

Of course our kitchen does not only cook á la carte. When necessary, we also provide You with a stunning German and Thai buffet for Your bachelor’s party, corporate event, or birthday! Just ask us for possibilities! After all, Green Mango is a stunning place with a very special character and flair, where You can be part of and become the life of the party, everytime You get up on stage!

Experience Green Mango and enjoy!

Take a look at our little trailer…

But words are just effective to a certain amount. Who really wants to know, what’s going on at Green Mango, will definitely have to come and visit us on a weekend!

And last, but not least – The whole Green Mango team!

See You later!

Your Mangos